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McHenry Cobras Travel Baseball

McHenry Cobras Travel Baseball

26735 W Commerce Drive Suite 704                  Volo, IL 60073

About the Facility

Welcome to the Cobras Indoor Training Facility!

Our facility opened in Fall 2022 and is a spacious and clean 8000 sq. ft. facility located in Volo, IL - not far from our beautiful fields at the VFW.  The facility will offer the Cobras players year round training access.  Our space contains a configurable layout that will allow teams to have infield access as well as  convert into pitching/hitting tunnels.    

We will be introducing and expanding organizational training activities to ensure continuity throughout our various teams.  

In additional to the benefits above, we intend to use the facility to strengthen the bond with our affiliated in house league (McHenry Baseball Association).  Various camps and clinics will be available to registered players of the MBA (prices and times TBD).

We are very excited for the next chapter of the McHenry Cobras! 

If you have interest in one of our limited sponsorship opportunities, please contact one of our coaches. 

Facility Access Instructions

  • In order to access the facility, Cobras members must have access to two systems and download the App to their mobile devices.  Skedda is used for our scheduling, and Master Lock Vault Enterprise is used to access the building.  Families should have received invites to these platforms, please contact your coach with any questions.


Once you have created accounts for Skedda and Master Lock Vault Enterprise, follow these steps to book access and access the facility:

Step 1: Use Skedda to reserve your time

  •  All reservations (team, player, etc) MUST be in Skedda.  DO NOT JUST SHOW UP!
  • Players will be able to reserve tunnels when space is available after team and organizational times are filled.
  • Limits are placed on how long player reservations can be (between 30-60 minutes per day, maximum limit TBD per week) are enforced by the Skedda system.
  • On occasion, outside organizations MAY have rented space to keep costs low.  They should be treated as an extended part of the Cobras family!
  • The reservation space is available to Cobras players only.  This is not only for insurance purposes, but also to ensure that our players have access to the facility they are paying for as much as possible.

Step 2: Use Master Lock Vault Enterprise to access the facility

  • On the glass door, there is a Master Lock Vault Enterprise realtor box
  • Ensure bluetooth is enabled on your phone
  • Open the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app on your phone and make sure you are logged in
  • Press any key on the realtor box to wake it up
  • Click on the unlock button within your Master Lock Vault Enterprise app
  • Use the tethered key to unlock the door, place it back in the realtor box, and close it
  • Reverse the process when locking up


26735 W. Commerce Drive
Suite 704
Volo, IL 60073

Facility Sponsorship Partners



Contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining our sponsors!

Facility Layout

Facility Rules


  • Team practice times will be reserved in coordination with the teams’ coaching staffs.  After those slots are reserved, remaining time may be booked for individual tunnel use using our scheduling website.  All time must be reserved using our online scheduling website (Skedda).  No walk-ins allowed under any circumstances.  Please refer to your email invite to Skedda for access to the scheduling site.

  • Individual time reservations will have limitations in frequency and length (enforced by Skedda site) to ensure access is available to all players.  Unless granted special permission, ONLY Cobras players and their parent/guardian may reserve time.

  • Please use only the space within the facility that you have booked.  Tunnels are designated by their sponsor.  See the facility layout on subsequent pages.

  • Some times may be rented by outside third party organizations to help keep our costs low.  Please treat them as if they are a part of the Cobras family.

  • A parent/guardian or coach over 18 is required at all times.

  • Individual access to the facility will vary by time of year.  For example during peak practice times (January-April), expect limited individual availability.


  • We share the lot with other tenants.  Please follow all parking signs and restrictions as posted.  Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.  Please also be respectful and do not take the parking of adjacent buildings as well.

  • Whenever possible for team practices, drop off is preferred.

Entering the Facility

  • Only authorized users (active Cobras players, parents, and guardians) are permitted to access the building using a provided digital key (using MasterLock Vault Enterprise app).  Please refer to your email invite to MasterLock Vault Enterprise for account creation.

  • The office door (glass) should be used to access the facility using your MasterLock Vault app.  Use the MasterLock Vault Enterprise app to open the realtor box.  Then use the key that is connected to the box to lock/unock the door.  

  • Upon entering the facility please clean off or remove any shoes if they are dirty.


  • Security cameras are present and running at all times both inside and outside the facility.  Inappropriate behavior found on video will be subject to discipline, up to potential removal from the Cobras program.

Facility Rules

  • No alcohol, tobacco, vaping, gum, or sunflower seeds are allowed at any time.

  • No food is allowed on the turf at any time.

  • No horseplay!  Any damage will be the responsibility of the player and family.

  • Clean up after yourself, and also clean up any additional issues that you encounter.

  • No bats or balls are to be used outside of the netted area.

  • No hanging on nets is allowed.  Tensioned cables hold up our netting and in addition to being a safety hazard, they are expensive to repair.

  • If you are the last to leave the building you are to ensure all lights are turned off and the premises are properly locked.

  • Baseballs and other equipment is available for use while using the facility.  No equipment is allowed to leave the facility without permission of the Cobras board.

  • All hitting and throwing is to be conducted within the netted area.

  • Teams are responsible for completing their cleaning activities per the cleaning schedule.

  • Players and their families assume all responsibility for damage, injury and hold no Cobras or MBA representative liable under any circumstances.  Usage may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Cobras or MBA Board.


McHenry Cobras
McHenry, Illinois 60050

Email: [email protected]

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